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Our goal

Our goal is to create a unique convergent network to help leaders make the future of work a reality in their organizations today, by sharing and applying cutting-edge ideas on key topics to enhance their work and inspire innovation.

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Connect - Immerse yourself in our exciting peer-to-peer collaborative community of leaders from across diverse disciplines & backgrounds.
Converge - Access cutting-edge knowledge through our exclusive community of visionaries, which offers thematic events, masterclasses, hackathons, publications and toolkits.

Create - Be part of deep dives, hacks, immersions and adventures to help create new models and a positive impact on the future. 
Change Drive change by utilising the ideas, insights and designs from FWW and engaging in hero & experimental projects in your organisation

Every 3 months we focus on a core Future Theme important to the world of work.

They will stretch your thinking, introduce you to new models and most importantly, provide you with ideas that will impact how you work today & tomorrow.

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Come & Explore the Future of Work With Us